Team Emmen Racing is all about one old bloke's desire to ride bikes and have fun doing it. It all started in Holland, racing in the Dutch leagues with friends ..... travelling all over Europe, doing crazy stuff ........... hahaha

In 2007 it all moved to the UK ....... early in the year we teamed up with Black Flag Racing to compete in the Junior Endurance Championship as well as the SS600 which made for an exciting year. Finishing 2nd in class at National level was a good feeling.

We go into 2008 with enthusiasm and a grin on our faces. The endurance races will be the MAIN event for us, 2 riders (Dod and Myself) competing at National level in the Senior 6 and 8 hr races. We've acquired 2 new 2008 R6's for the job. It is our intention to make this a social event involving all our friends and fans.

SS600 is still on the cards for me - will blag as many as possible work permitting.